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Okay, I'll admit it! My personal organisation has completely gone to pot and I haven't managed to upload the whole of the 6 part series I'd put together on Christmas Gift Guides. Woops.. But it doesn't matter!!... I'm still buying presents and I know there is definitely going to be a few of you rushing out to grab them last minute bits and pieces. I have squashed all 5 posts into two mega posts all about last minute ideas!!!... Most of the ideas are available online and the majority of shops are still accepting orders to make it in time for the big day.

To start this monster off... Is the GUYS!!!.... Here I've put together some goodies that are under the £10 mark, some that are a bit more expensive, but won't break the bank in the 'Under £50' category and then the truly luxury gifts for the most importance people in your life with the 'Over £50' selection. Guys are incredibly hard to buy for!! You can't just grab a new piece of makeup or splash out on clothes- In order to get some nice pieces for the men... you need to think out the box!

It's without a doubt hard to find decent presents for Under £10, but, they are there- you just need to do a bit more digging. After searching the internet  I found these 4 cute, funny and yummy presents perfect for stocking fillers and secret Santa. 

  • To start it off is my favourite out of the 4 (top left), and it’s perfect for the slightly older men in your life. The‘Imperial War Museum Duo Gift Set’ is classically packaged and the set contains a flannel and a bottle of relaxing bath foam. You can get it from  Marks and Spencers for only £4 after being reduced down from £8.
  • Next up on the top right is a stationary piece from John Lewis. Stockings are the perfect place to hide the novelty gift- so this would be spot on!!.. This ‘pipe pen’ has the appearance of a pipe yet when you take the end off a pen is revealed. Now you can really play the pompous writer role.  Plus, it’s only £5- Cheap at chips!
  • On the bottom left is a classic… The Anti-bullshit spray!! You can get these sprays absolutely everywhere and they’re perfect for those tight budgeted secret Santa’s.  If you pick out the works joker or if you know someone who talks a load of nonsense, then this is a funny little joke to get everyone laughing. Amazon does it for only £4.35!
  • And finally on the right is Debenhams giant retro sweets. We all loved to stuff our faces with gummy snakes, cola bottle and gummy bears when we were younger…. And Debenhams have taken this childhood favourite and blown it up to about 20 times the size. This is great for all ages, because everyone loves sweets! You can get your hands on these in stores or online for £6.50.
So the next category is the Under £50. This mid range set of presents are perfect for your Brother, Dad, Grandad, Cousin- Anyone! They're not too expensive and they'll be brilliant as an add on to a bigger present, or by themselves for a lovely gift.
  • On the top left is a must have for Xmas- underwear! This lovely 3 pack is the Chelsea Peers Cotton Boxers. I picked these ones because boxers can get so boring.. The lads don't have nearly as much choice as women when it comes to underwear. So if you're going to get someone some as a present, you may as well get nice ones. These are only £12.99 from TK Maxx. They're way under the £50 mark- yet they look designer!
  • The top right shows the Big Red Beard Kit. This gorgeous beard grooming kit is sold by a little Etsy shop called BigRedBeardCombs. The kit includes 2 beard combs (different styles) and a signature beard oil. The main thing that caught my eye about this present, is the packaging- It's smart, quirky and just really crisp. You can pick this up on their Etsy website for just £29.11).
  • The bottom left pick isn't just for the blokes! The Thug Kitchen Cookbook has a range of manly, hearty recipes with non of the fancy nonsense of gourmet food. This is  brilliant for any food lover- and I wouldn't mind getting it myself! (Available from Firebox for £14.99)
  • And the last of the collection is Audiology's Portable Phone Charger in Black. This is sold by Urban Outfitters for only £20- Which is peanuts for the convenience of constantly having a charged phone. If you have an Iphone like myself, you'll understand the struggles of it always dying on you in the most inconvenient of places- This little gift will stop that ever happening again!
 And last but not least in this humongous collection of last minute guys present is the Over £50 collection. When it comes to my boyfriend, I find it very difficult to reign myself in on the present buying front..and I could easily buy all of these for him! But, we have to have a little bit of restrain when it comes to Christmas- So I'll pass these ones on to you lot!!

 These 3 gifts are smart, stylish and just all round cool!
  • On the left is the Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2, Android Wear, Black Silicon Wristband. Although this watch may not be for everyone, I personally however think it is smart enough to be worn like a proper watch and the technology of it is just down right fancy. If you have someone techy, and geeky that you need to buy a last minute present for- this could be the perfect gift. You can get it from PC World for £129- A very reasonable price for such a cool piece of kit!
  • I'm a massive fan of mens leather bags- I think they're understated yet incredibly smart and they just look amazing on. In the middle is one of my favourite finds- John Lewis' Made in Italy Messenger Bag. It's priced at £89 which is very reasonable with it being Italian Leather. Its simple design is timeless and this is a good crack at a man bag!
  • Finally, is a present for everyone. Whether you're into photography or not.. Everyone would like to have a whirl on this toy. On the right is the Impossible Refurbished '80's Style Polaroid 600 Camera and Film Set. This gift looks really cool, it takes classic Polaroids and is the perfect companion to capture all of the best memories of the new year! It's available from Urban Outfitters for £160. 
 I hope this quick run through of the best last minute presents will deem useful when you're stuck for that perfect present! I've shown you the cheap presents that are out there as well as the ones that you can really splash out on!

Check out the post that started all this gift guide madness off!! The Girls- Under £10! and keep you're eyes peeled for the rest of the last minute gift ideas for girls!- It'll be up tomorrow- I promise.

Have a festive weekend.

-Ioana x

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