Friday, 28 November 2014

Black Friday Madness


One question that perfectly sums up this post: Is Black Friday really worth it?!. So after all the hype from adverts, shops and companies about big black Friday discounts me and my boyfriend decided we'd stick it out till midnight- despite it being a school night and us both being shattered. Don't get me wrong we're not materialistic or any of lables that're placed upon you if you remotely hint at the idea of a 'BFB' (Black Friday Bargain) but we have a pretty extensive list of some of the more expensive home items and if we could get them any cheaper- Why not!

However, when we finally got to the sites we wanted to check out at 12:01 we were met with broken pages, timed out pages and pages that just weren't working. Even worse, for Curry's we ended up queueing for 1 hour!! before we even got to mooch on the website. We has stupidly miss-read the Argos website and mistaken a midnight launch for a 1am launch. Eventually we got onto Curry's and had lasted till 1am to see the Argos sales and for both we were largely dissapointed! All that was available was everything we didn't need and even though the big lables said 'SAVING £200' we still found that the figures didnt seem much better.

All this, paired with watching the news this morning to see the extend that people go to in order to get a cheap TV was shocking and did in fact make me question why the hell are we even taking part in Black Friday?! 1. It's an America event (do we really need to follow their footsteps in anymore stupid traditions- no!) and 2. How materialistic is it to be fighting, hair pulling and pushing for discounted electricals when people are starving and dying in third world countries- it made me feel bad thinking about it.

Depsite this however you can't help but quench your curiosity and when we in fact went back on it at a much more sensible time and in a more engaged metal state we found a lovely "discounted" fridge/ freezer (even if it wasn't actually discounted it's still lovely and would still be willing to pay the price).

I think we should think before depriving ourselves of sleep and putting ourselves and others in harms way for such a consumerist event, because it's madness and there are far more important matters in the world than if we didnt get a cheap TV.

What are your thoughts on Black Friday?!

-Ioana x

Thursday, 27 November 2014

My Christmas Jumper Wishlist

So, in the words of Bing Crosby (and many others) 'it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' and that means we can put our trees up, the days are bitterly cold and we can eat until we pop (my favourite). This post however is going to be on Christmas jumpers and the best around this year- for guys and gals! As shocking as this is, I have never had a Christmas jumper (that I can remember) I was thankfully never forced to wear an itchy, handknitted jumper that got dragged out every year- I escaped that torture. But now that the likes of Marks and Sparks and Next have jumped on the bangwagon I can't walk through a shop without wanting to buy them all. So here is a list of my favourites! if I hint enough, and a certain important person sees this, I might get treated to one this year.

Grab yourself a hot drink, put your favourite Christmas jumper and snuggle down to watch a good old Christmas movie!


-Ioana x

  • Top Left: Man DIY Knitted Christmas Jumper Red- £22.99 (Missguided) This jumper is not only cute and fashionable you can also have fun dressing up your own gingerbread man. 
  • Top Right: Urban Renewal Vintage Surplus Christmas Deer Sweatshirt in White- £38 (Urban Outfitters).
  • Bottom Left: Snowman Christmas Jumper- £28 (Marks and Spencers)
  • Bottom Right: BDG Penguin Jumper- £42 (Urban Outfitters)

  • Top Left: Cream Holly Print Christmas Jumper- £19.99 (New Look)
  • Top Right: Premier Man Christmas Jumper- £20 (Jacamo)
  • Bottom Left: Navy Snowman Scene Christmas Jumper- £30 (Topman)
  • Bottom Right: Goodsouls Mens Stag Christmas Jumper (K & Co)


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Tea Obsession!

Hey Everyone! 

So...This is my second post in what I hope will be a collection of many- considering I don't get bogged down with work and forgot to write (but fingers crossed that doesn't happen!). Anyways,  I come today with a new post all about how I am completely and utterly obsessed with all types of tea!

  •  Twinings Pomegranate Green Tea- £1.69 (Tesco)
  • Higher Living Cinnamon Tea- £1.99 (Holland and Barretts)
  • Clippers Organic Indian Chai Tea- £1.90 (Clippers)
  • Twinings Mango & Strawberry Tea- £1.49 (Tesco)
  • Clippers Green tea with Lemon- £1.29 (Tesco)
  • Yogi Tea Christmas Collection- £3.99 (Holland and Barretts)
Every time I go into a supermarket or even better some snobby, health food shop I find myself instantly going to the tea isle. There's nothing better than a good brew to snuggle down with, when you're reading your favourite book (mine being Marge Piercy's 'Woman on the Edge of Time' at the moment!) Not only this but tea has so many amazing properties that are great for your health- for example- Green Tea is one of the best drinks you can choose to drink as it has been proven that it can help burn fat, quicken up your metabolism and even reduce the chance of getting alzheimer's when you're a little old granny/ grandad- amazing right?! And if you don't like the herby taste that green tea has why not try one of Twinings twists on the original flavour with exciting hints of mango or lemon. (they're super yummy- especially with a bit of honey!) One I've recently discovered is Healthy Living's Cinnamon Tea... Its worth a buy for the smell of the tea bag alone.  So why not broaden your tea horizons and try something new and exciting!- Perhaps chocolate tea?! 


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Monday, 24 November 2014

Happiness is writing


Whether it's writing a birthday card to someone or settling down to tackle a few thousand word essay, there's something extremely comforting about writing- letting the words flow from your mind in a continuous babble of nonsense. So because of my frankly pretentious attraction to sitting with a mug of green tea and writing about my most frequent DIY projects, new fashion trends, books I've been reading and lot's more; I've decided to start up this blog! I want this to be a place to vent, to tell you what makes me happy, and what things make me sad. 

My little pot of nonsense. 

- Ioana  x

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