Well hello, my name's Ioana!

I'm a 19 year old English Literature student with a passion for life. I spend my time snuggled up reading books, writing, studying, cooking (more importantly , EATING) going to the theatre and just enjoying the many beautiful things that come along my way.

I don't have a topic, I don't stick to one subject ,this is just a 'pot of nonsense' with the best bits of my ramblings.

I'm a geek, I laugh too loud and I eat everything. So if I sound like you're cup of tea, have a gander at my posts.- I hope you enjoy.

Find me on:

Facebook: PotofFloss

Instagram: tillyflosspot

Twitter: @PotofFloss

Email: ioanavoisei@gmail.com

Read away!-  like, share, hate, listen- Whatever your response.. I want to know.

Have a lovely day!

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