Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I finally bit the bullet a few months ago and treated myself to the ‘Clinique 3 step’ after being good for the last couple of years.  When my acne covered, teenage self was screaming for help to relieve me from my skin problems, I got myself the tester of the 3 products and was VERY chuffed with the results! However, when your immature self only works 10 hours a week, with a hourly rate that shouldn’t  be allowed to exist!, splashing out on Clinique products wasn’t even an option; and I had to settle for Simple products instead (which even they bankrupt me haha!)  But now I’m a fully-fledged student and house wife  girlfriend and my beginners desire to budget and organise my way into a more mature and comfortable lifestyle, I don’t have the same financial restraints and spending £50 odd quid on pampering myself is OK. 

So yes- I’m way way behind on the whole Clinique 3 step craze but I don’t give a monkeys because my skin is soft, clean and I just love feeling all luxurious and fancy even having a skincare routine. 

So what even is the 3 step?!

It’s exactly what it says…a 3 step daily skincare set that targets all round healthy skin. What makes it so popular however is the 4 different skin types they cater for and the tweaking of products to reflect your individual skin problems/ characteristics.

The three areas that are targeted regardless of which skin type are:

The basics!- Which skin type am I?!

Now this is where the individual bit comes in…. and the wonderful ladies on the counter complete a small test and some questions to help you determine which category you come under and what products are best suited for your skin - but here are the basics!

Skin Type 1- Very Dry to Dry (Your skin is tight and uncomfortable all over)
-          Liquid Facial Soap = £16
-          Clarifying Lotion 1 = £16.50- £26
-          Dramatically Different Moisturizer- Lotion + = £17.50- £30

Skin Type 2- Dry Combination (Your skin is tight and uncomfortable in the cheeks but comfortable in the T-Zone) ß I’M THIS ONE!
-          Liquid Facial Soap
-          Clarifying Lotion 2
-          Dramatically Different Moisturizer- Lotion +

Skin Type 3- Combination Oily (Your skin is comfortable in the cheeks, but oily or shiny in the T-Zone)
-          Liquid Facial Soap
-          Clarifying Lotion 3
-          Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Skin Type 4- Oily (Your ski is oily or shiny all over)
-          Liquid Facial Soap
-          Clarifying Lotion 4
-          Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

My opinion!

When I bought the full size version of the products I was eager for them to wow me as much as they did the first time, even though my skin had got a lot better at this point; but unfortunately they didn’t quite hit the mark. I still love the products and they still outshine many other products I’ve found, but because my skin isn’t in such a state as it was, I haven’t noticed as big a difference with the products. Despite this though, I use the products happily, and I do still love the way they make my skin feel.

The facial soap lathers right up and really cleans my face- Which might sound daft, but so many products leave your skin with residue and without feeling like its actually been cleaned. This soap is perfect however because a little really does go a long way and I don’t feel like I’m scrubbing, washing and lathering my money away. 

The clarifying lotion is probably my favourite out of the three as it really lifts the grime and takes that horrible layer of dead skin off with ease and leaves your face extremely soft and slightly tight (which I really like!)

Moving on the last product- The dramatically different moisturizing lotion … which really isn’t that dramatically different at all but on the plus side it’s not greasy, its light on the skin and soaks in quickly so you’re not left with a slimy layer that won’t budge (which is one of the worst things about cheaper moisturisers.)  

Overall, I’m happy with the results but they don’t get me jumping around my bathroom with excitement and I think there will be many more products out there that will give you better results for the same price- So now I’m on the hunt!

If you have a completely different experience with your 3 step let me know!

Here’s to the constant quest for soft, smooth and spot less baby skin! 

-Ioana x

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