Thursday, 1 January 2015


It's safe to say the Christmas season has been a wild one for me! However much I've enjoyed it, I'm undoubtedly looking forward to settling back into my everyday routine for the new year.
There's nothing better than the prospect of a shiny new year stretching out in front of us, filled with the hope of great memories, amazing new journeys and a fresh start to implement all those personal goals you never got round to achieving in 2014. This brings me on to my own goal for the forthcoming year... Write more blog posts and get more people reading them.

 At the end of my last post I promised to DEFINITELY upload the final  installment in the last minute gift guide collection. I sweated over making the pictures look pretty and editing and re-editing my draft ready to fulfill my promise and BOOM I very inconveniently had an asthma attack and that little promise became shattered. But I'm sure you last minute present buyers managed even if it was only a packet of jelly babies from the co-op. 

I wanted to write this post to tell you a bit about my time in hospital (don't worry there's nothing gruesome) and about how lucky and greatful I am to have had such an amazing family Christmas.

Okay so lets rewind! Me being the foodie I am- I picked to wheeze my way through a family carvery over going to hospital to get my asthma sorted. I struggled through and after making it through the meal, through the present giving and barely out the other side, I got whisked away to the local hospital. Unfortunately due to amount of drugs they pumped into me, I am unable to remember the many name of all the amazing hospital staff that helped me through that tough patch. To start I'd never been in hospital for any long period of time before, and I'd only recently moved to my boyfriend's house so he'd never seen my asthma that bad- which is very scary! I was worried, he was worried... and together we were both completely useless. The staff at St. James' Hospital in Leeds were phenomonal and I wish I could remember their names to send them some chocolates and a card- but regardless of this... I will tell anyone and everyone how brilliantly I was treated and although hospitals get a lot of stick for being badly run, it just shows that the staff are human, and normal and are just trying to earn a decent living whilst helping people and that YES! they're not all moody and horrible because they've been working long and horrible shifts. I was a bit worse for wear, grumpy about being stuck in a hospital bed so close to Christmas but they still managed to make me laugh even when I couldn't breathe.

Moving back to the point of me and boyfriend being useless... Picture this for a giggle. Me... Drugged up, can't breathe, worrying and having a million horrible needles stuck in my from every angle and my wonderful, and very worried boyfriend thinks this would be the perfect time to faint in A&E- hitting a trolley and landing very uncomfortably on the ward floor at my feet. Worrying= A little!... Funny= Definitely!!! It was certainly a laugh till you can't breathe moment...Not a good thing when you can't breathe anyway!

Moving on from all this morbidness.... Christmas was magical. I spent it with my amazing and very hectic family. Playing Just Dance, eating more food than I thought was humanly possible... devouring my favourite food of all time, Salate de Beouf and waking up early in the morning like I was still 8 made for possibly the most wonderful Christmas of my entire life! After a hectic hospital visit, being next to my boyfriend for our first Christmas and opening our presents was priceless.

I hope you all had as beautiful a day as me and keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Christmas Haul post.

Enjoy the start of the new year!- Make it an exciting one.


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