Thursday, 27 November 2014

My Christmas Jumper Wishlist

So, in the words of Bing Crosby (and many others) 'it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' and that means we can put our trees up, the days are bitterly cold and we can eat until we pop (my favourite). This post however is going to be on Christmas jumpers and the best around this year- for guys and gals! As shocking as this is, I have never had a Christmas jumper (that I can remember) I was thankfully never forced to wear an itchy, handknitted jumper that got dragged out every year- I escaped that torture. But now that the likes of Marks and Sparks and Next have jumped on the bangwagon I can't walk through a shop without wanting to buy them all. So here is a list of my favourites! if I hint enough, and a certain important person sees this, I might get treated to one this year.

Grab yourself a hot drink, put your favourite Christmas jumper and snuggle down to watch a good old Christmas movie!


-Ioana x

  • Top Left: Man DIY Knitted Christmas Jumper Red- £22.99 (Missguided) This jumper is not only cute and fashionable you can also have fun dressing up your own gingerbread man. 
  • Top Right: Urban Renewal Vintage Surplus Christmas Deer Sweatshirt in White- £38 (Urban Outfitters).
  • Bottom Left: Snowman Christmas Jumper- £28 (Marks and Spencers)
  • Bottom Right: BDG Penguin Jumper- £42 (Urban Outfitters)

  • Top Left: Cream Holly Print Christmas Jumper- £19.99 (New Look)
  • Top Right: Premier Man Christmas Jumper- £20 (Jacamo)
  • Bottom Left: Navy Snowman Scene Christmas Jumper- £30 (Topman)
  • Bottom Right: Goodsouls Mens Stag Christmas Jumper (K & Co)


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