Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Tea Obsession!

Hey Everyone! 

So...This is my second post in what I hope will be a collection of many- considering I don't get bogged down with work and forgot to write (but fingers crossed that doesn't happen!). Anyways,  I come today with a new post all about how I am completely and utterly obsessed with all types of tea!

  •  Twinings Pomegranate Green Tea- £1.69 (Tesco)
  • Higher Living Cinnamon Tea- £1.99 (Holland and Barretts)
  • Clippers Organic Indian Chai Tea- £1.90 (Clippers)
  • Twinings Mango & Strawberry Tea- £1.49 (Tesco)
  • Clippers Green tea with Lemon- £1.29 (Tesco)
  • Yogi Tea Christmas Collection- £3.99 (Holland and Barretts)
Every time I go into a supermarket or even better some snobby, health food shop I find myself instantly going to the tea isle. There's nothing better than a good brew to snuggle down with, when you're reading your favourite book (mine being Marge Piercy's 'Woman on the Edge of Time' at the moment!) Not only this but tea has so many amazing properties that are great for your health- for example- Green Tea is one of the best drinks you can choose to drink as it has been proven that it can help burn fat, quicken up your metabolism and even reduce the chance of getting alzheimer's when you're a little old granny/ grandad- amazing right?! And if you don't like the herby taste that green tea has why not try one of Twinings twists on the original flavour with exciting hints of mango or lemon. (they're super yummy- especially with a bit of honey!) One I've recently discovered is Healthy Living's Cinnamon Tea... Its worth a buy for the smell of the tea bag alone.  So why not broaden your tea horizons and try something new and exciting!- Perhaps chocolate tea?! 


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