Saturday, 30 April 2016


Recently I've jumped back into my love for poetry and starting reading my old favourites such as Silvia Plath's 'Ariel' and Lord Byron's 'Darkness'. I felt incredibly inspired by the beauty of their words and thought I'd try my hand (excuse the pun) at my own piece of poetry. Whilst it's nothing special, I feel proud of how the words just flowed out of my head and into a roughly poetic structure. Be Kind.

A glimpse of the past, the troubles you’ve faced and the work you’ve proudly strived for. 
Beaten, neglected, nourished or cared for… 
What do yours say?!
Fate’s calculated crevices daintily mark my smooth pinked skin mischievously capturing the truths and hardships that my future self knows only too well-
the amount of innocent products of my love I am to nuzzle to my breast,
the amount of long years I am to roam the earth in search of my true purpose and 
the amount of precious years I will remain nestled within the protecting arms of my love. 

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