Saturday, 30 April 2016


This year has been a crazy one and I’ve been quite possibly the worst blogger ever- I hold my hands up! Every time I sat down to write, life just got in the way! Assignment stress, getting used to living in a city (which is much harder than you think when you’re from the country!), learning to drive, changing jobs… amongst all the other ups and downs that have come my way. But non the less I am back…my brain’s been craving a creative output to get stuck into and writing just works for me. I'm letting the excuses slide and I'm trying hard to do what makes me happy, and give myself some "ME" time!

Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting posts coming up… My ideas have been endless because of my little break so writers block certainly won’t be an issue for a while! (unless I’ve just jinxed it!)

Be back soon

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